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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Monthly Montages - May & June

I guess it shouldn't be monthly montages if I kept doing it bimonthly like this :p

May and June were a busy month for me school wise because it's the end of the semester and I had lots and lots of projects to be submitted, thus the long hiatus on this blog (I tried to post up more videos on youtube though). I'm actually on my final exam right now.

The good news is, next semester is my 7th semester and I only have 4 classes in total, so I only need to go to campus twice a week (YAAAAAYYYY!!), but meanwhile I'm also gonna be doing my thesis.

All in all, I think I'll still have a lot more free time next semester (5 non-school days a week baby!), so hopefully I can be more active on both youtube and this blog. The point of this long story telling is that I'm probably gonna do monthly montages actually MONTHLY starting next month :) Aaaa, I'm so excited to finish this 6th semester (still have final exam to tackle)


Whoa nelly, it has been almost a month since I last blogged. That above intro was written in the end of June, but somehow I never finished up this post even though I only needed to put captions on a couple last pictures. So, here we go, lemme finish it up now!



  • Tried to make blooming onion, it's pretty good. Important tip: ALWAYS double-dip into the batter. My single-dip ones turned out lousy.
  • I think the water in the hotel I stayed in when I was in Singapore is kinda magic. My hair became a lot softer and I got very little tangles when I wash my hair there (also woke up with a wave some more). Or maybe the water here in my boarding house just sucks.
  • Got to get an obscene amount of Jagabee whenever I go to Singapore.
  • Also, have got to eat durian in China Town. Love.

  • Finally went to a Bath & Body Works. Everything smelled sooo good. Too bad the BBW there is really overpriced. $32 for a scented candle?! Really?!
  • Also finally tried mentaiko pasta after drooling over it for so long since I saw it on either Xiaxue's or Cheesie's blog.
  • Indonesian McD needs to bring this here.
  • A simple nail art I did to try out the OPI X Mariah Carey nail polish set I got at the Changi airport (I have to wait for 4 or 5 hours so what to do beside shop and eat?lol).

  • Nail polish galore from Singapore. Eek, I'm so excited for my first OPI nail polish!! 
  • Subway has the best cookies ever imo. Crispy on the outside and chewy inside, not too sweet either. My favourites are the white chocolate macadamia nut and raspberry cheesecake. yummy. I NEED Subway in Indonesia please. Their sandwiches are so good too, I love the parmesan oregano bun and honey mustard dressing, kinda craving it right now.
  • So sad Lolabox decided to closed down :( After their 1st anniversary no less. I guess that marks the last beauty box standing in Indonesia. I wish a great future venture for Lolabox team :) Receiving Lolabox had been one of my monthly highlight for the last 9 months. Thank you!
  • Saw this on FB and decided to make it. It's like egg in a basket but better!

  • Went to Chakra at The Breeze BSD for a study session. All the food that I tried there were good. I definitely recommend that beef thingy on top, don't remember the name though. Their mushroom soup too!
  • Their molten lava cake was also yummy. Basically everything we tried there were either quite good or really good, so no harm in trying out their stuffs.
  • This vanilla ice cream from Gyokuro was so milky, love it. It's at Mall @ Alam Sutera top floor near Sogo.
  • Bought this Japanese melon from Ranch Market for 30k (wtf so expensive for a melon), but so worth it, very sweet and juice. Really made me want to try the real deal, I think the famous one is Hokkaido melon, right?


  • Uploaded my first lookbook video! It was a lot of fun to film. click HERE to watch :)
  • Purple everything cos I love some purple
  • Finally tried the risotto at Pancious after drooling over it for a year, but could not justify the price for it. You know, with me being a total cheapskate and all :P It's pretty good btw.
  • One of the reason why I moved. That was the situation in my old boarding house. The AC broke down and was drippin' all this water (some got onto my laptop wtf), drenching some electronic boxes I have underneath the table and almost gotten into the wiring. I already complained and it needs more than a week for the owner to finally call a repairman wtf. And even then, the AC is still kinda broken. It has been kinda broken for the past 2 years anyway, it just gotten more and more broke. So I said peace out to that boarding house (I also have other functionality -or rather not functional- reasons of course).

  • Strawberry parfait :9 from this green tea place at Mall@Alam Sutera (can't remember the name) It's Gyokuro, just saw it on the picture above which I'd written the caption last month lol
  • Aaah Uniqlo tank top galore. It was on a pretty good sale (30% off I think), so me and my mom bought like 10 pieces. Yup, I got her addicted to Uniqlo tank top too. It's the only clothing piece I'm currently willing to splurge on to be honest. It's a great basic and fit your body nicely, the fabric is soft and nice too.
  • Toying around with some nail art for 4th of July and clearly failed lol, so I filmed THIS tutorial instead.
  • Tried the Italian fish and chip from Fish & Co. Who knew that marinara will goes great with deep fried fish stuffed with cheese.

Alrighty, that concludes my May and June montages and as per usual it filled with food. Anyhoo, I'm finally settled right now, I'm done with the moving, the exams, and all other little things, plus I still have summer break until mid-September (woohoo!), so I'm hoping right now I can focus on my thesis, youtube, and this blog. Wish me luck! ;)

Take care, xoxo

Thursday, June 26, 2014

[Deborah Lippmann] Nail Polish - Razzle Dazzle (Review & Swatch)

In this post I'm only going to show you swatch, color description, and the quality (opaqueness) of the product, for the basics of the product (price, quantity, cruelty-free or not, etc) go HERE.

Hi internet friends, today is another Deborah Lippmann review day and I'm going to review Razzle Dazzle

This post also has heaps of pictures, so let's start, shall we? :)

1 coat
2 coats
3 coats
You need at least 3 thin coats to get to its full opacity, which is quite good for a jelly-based nail polish.

It's very dark purple, almost black, jelly base packed with a lot of raspberry glitters. The glitters are different sizes of fine and smaller glitters. I feel like this mix is perfect if you want to wear black nail polish, but at the same doesn't want to look too "goth" since from a far it looks like a black nail polish with a glittery twist.

This nail polish gives a bit of a textured finish, not quite enough to be qualified as a textured nail polish, but you can definitely feels a bit of grittiness. If you don't like that quality on a glitter nail polish, then just put on a topcoat. Also, because of the jelly base, the finish look looks a tinsy bit like jelly sandwich mani. 

One con is probably the fact that once it dried, the finish doesn't really have a nice shine and the glitter doesn't sparkle as much as I want it to be. Easy solution for this is also just put on a shiny top coat like Seche Vite or Etude House Ultra Shine. See, top coat is EVERYTHING people!

The formula is mostly very easy to work with, it glides smoothly and distributes the glitters evenly. On the first layer, the application of the glitter might be a bit uneven, but afterward it's really easy to get a neat application.

One thing to remember, I read that this nail polish stains, so wear a base coat. I personally removes a nail polish immediately after I swatch it to swatch as many nail polish as I can, so I didn't experience this myself, but, you know, just fyi :) *note to self: wear a nail polish for a few hours at least when writing a review for dark and red toned nail polish*

Overall, it's a great nail polish to wear on its own and doesn't really need any nail art on it in order to stand out. I do recommend to use this with a topcoat to get the most beautiful finish out of it :) *All pictures shown in this post are without topcoat*

I still have some more pictures of this beauty, but nothing to write, so I'm just gonna leave you with the pics okay? ;)

Click HERE for the direct link to this nail polish on Luxola. 

Use the code "LILY25" to get 25% off any of your first-time purchase there (code valid in Indonesia Luxola, so you need to change the country to Indonesia -IDR- on the top right corner, but you can change the shipping to your country on check out, shipping cost won't be any different).


FTC Disclaimer: Razzle Dazzle was sent to me by for review purposes. I am not paid or compensated whatsoever to do this review, I use it because I like the products and they are a company I trust (I've shopped from them long before they contacted me). Pinky promise all opinions are my own ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Deborah Lippmann] Nail Polish - Nefertiti (Review & Swatch)

In this post I'm only going to show you swatch, color description, and the quality (opaqueness) of the product, for the basics of the product (price, quantity, cruelty-free or not, etc) go HERE.

I'm back with the Deborah Lippman individual nail polish review as promised, albeit a day late hehe. The plan was to wake up last night at 10ish (for some reason I do everything better when it's night time and dark outside. Ikr?) because I slept immediately after I got home, but I slept through the night lol. Anyway, feels refreshed now, so let's get this review going..

As I said in the last post, the first Deborah Lippmann I'm gonna review is Nefertiti

I'd say it's a very suitable name seeing as it's a gold nail polish and in my head ancient Egypt colour palette are gold and blue.

1 coat 
2 coats
3 coats
You can get to its full opacity with just 2 coats, but I always like to add an additional coat just to be sure (It's the OCD in me I think).

Light/pale gold with silver flecks throughout. It's hard for me to find a gold nail polish that's wearable on its own as a lot of gold nail polishes are too harsh and clash with my skin tone and basically just looks "cheap and cheesy" a.k.a norak, so I love how the gold in this nail polish is not too yellow so it suits most skin tone perfectly. The gold is not too in your face either -thanks to the silver flecks-, so I can see this to be worn on a day-to-day basis when you want a little glam.

It has a nice foil metallic finish with a hint of multi-color shimmer (the multicolour shimmer is very subtle, so on a viewing distance it can't really be seen). 

For the most part the formula of this nail polish is a dream to work with, it's a nice "liquidy" consistency that allows for a thin and even application, doesn't leave noticeable brush strokes for a metallic nail polish, and dries quite fast, but since it dries quite fast, when I apply a layer of nail polish and still finishing up applying that layer it has became semi-dry and I ended up dragging the nail polish layer and kinda left with a bit of clumps on the tip of my nail. Does my explanation make any sense?lol. Just apply this nail polish quickly without going back and forth with the brush stroke per layer and you'll be fine.

The weird thing is, even though it dries fast, it never really fully dried. What I mean by this is, you know how when a nail polish has dried you can do whatever you want to your nails and it wouldn't make a dent on the nail polish? Well, with this, even after a day, if push your nails with your other nail (?) -like scratching- really hard you'll still be able to make a noticeable dent on your nails. Again, does my explanation make any sense whatsoever?lol. Basically, it dries fast, so not long after you finish applying it you can do whatever you want, but you can never scratch your nails really hard or it will make a dent, or just do a 2 coats and it's fine, even simpler, put on a topcoat.

Overall, it's still one of the best, if not the best, subtle-wearable gold nail polish that I own, so there's that, and other than that weird thing, the formula is great.

Click HERE for the direct link to this nail polish on Luxola. 

Use the code "LILY25" to get 25% off any of your first-time purchase there (code valid in Indonesia Luxola, so you need to change the country to Indonesia -IDR- on the top right corner, but you can change the shipping to your country on check out, shipping cost won't be any different).


FTC Disclaimer: Nefertiti was sent to me by for review purposes. I am not paid or compensated whatsoever to do this review, I use it because I like the products and they are a company I trust (I've shopped from them long before they contacted me). Pinky promise all opinions are my own ;)

Monday, June 23, 2014

[Deborah Lippmann] Nail Polish (Review)

Hi peeps, it's been a while since I actually sit down and blog (let alone do a nail polish review), but first of all, let's all ignore my last emo-ish post, I was just having crappy mood that day. Now let's get into more cheery stuff, i.e. nail polish.

Deborah Lippmann is definitely one of those nail polish that has been in my wish list, especially their beautiful glitter ones, so I'm ecstatic to finally give them a try.

Just like my Etude House nail polish review, I'm gonna do a separate post on the basics (this post) like size, brush, packaging,etc, then another posts for the swatch and individual nail polish review. So let's start with the basics!


  • .50 fl oz or 15 ml/bottle
  • Prices varies on where you get them. Retails for IDR 261,000 - IDR 287,100.00 on Luxola, US$18 - US$20 on Deborah Lippmann website
  • Cruelty-free
  • 5-free (doesn't contain toluene, formaldehyde, resin, camphor, DBP)
  • Infused with Biotin and Green Tea

Packaging & Brush:

I was actually surprised when I learned that they are 15 ml, that's same amount you got with OPI nail polishes. I've always thought Deborah Lippman has tiny packaging from the pictures I saw in the past, even after holding it on my hand I still had a bit of a hard time believing that it's a 15 ml bottle of nail polish because of its stubby appearance which I think is kinda cute.

As for the brush in this nail polish, they have the same standard nail polish brush size, so nothing really to mention there.


I guess the big win in this nail polish is the fact that they are 5-free and cruelty-free. It's still kinda hard to find that kind of nail polish on the market (at least where I live). 

Aaaand the biotin in this nail polish is just the cherry on top ;)

Where to get them?

Well, if you're from the US, I'm pretty sure Deborah Lippmann nail polishes are easily accessible for you (lucky!) or you can get them at the Deborah Lippmann website. But if you're from Indonesia, you can get them at LUXOLA. They also shipped to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Brunei, UAE and Australia + free shipping with min. purchase (min. IDR 315,000.00 for Indonesia).

Use the code "LILY25" to get 25% off any of your first-time purchase there (code valid in Indonesia Luxola, so you need to change the country to Indonesia -IDR- on the top right corner, but you can change the shipping to your country on check out, shipping cost won't be any different), valid through 22 July 2014, or use the code "MOST20" to get 20% off your purchase, valid through 31 December 2014.

I guess that concludes this basic overview of the Deborah Lipmann nail polishes. Sorry it's just boring specifications for this post :/ I'm gonna show you swatches and more colourful and fun pictures in the next post where I'll be reviewing "Nefertiti". Hopefully will be up by tomorrow, initially wanted to post it back-to-back with this post, but I'm already sleepy now and have to prepare for my final exam tomorrow, so I'll say goodbye for now


FTC Disclaimer:  the nail polishes were sent to me by for review purposes. I am not paid or compensated whatsoever to do this review, I use it because I like the products and they are a company I trust (I've shopped from them long before they contacted me). Pinky promise all opinions are my own ;)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

I've always known there would be some people who will eventually move on and move out of my life and I've accepted that. I pin point and guess who will stay and who's just a phase. I learn to recognise my true friends. When there's someone who'll start slipping off of my life, I reassure myself that it's okay as long as I have my true friends, whom I know will stay.

It's sad when I realised that you're just another phase who will eventually leave when the time comes. I've always thought that you'd be one of my anchor, one who'll always be here with me. Are we just buying time right now? Are you just waiting for the right time to finally walk out of my life? Are you just eagerly counting down the moment when you can finally pull yourself out? You just need to wait out a little more.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Monthly Montages - March & April 2014

Going to do another monthly montages as virtual diary on some things I did the last two months :)


  • Finally found a place that sells corn dogs here! It's at Food Town in Living World btw.
  • Another 3Ds max project. Did the yellow bird from angry birds.
  • THIS is for me, one of the best lunch. I lovee Indonesian food. It's bakwan sayur, fried egg, perkedel, and my favorite of all, sayur lodeh nyam nyam.
  • Had a throwback moment and played harvestmoon non-stop for a couple of days.
  • Selfie with Sam when we had dinner at Fish & Co. He loves Fish & Co. so much it's unreal
  • Suki from Rainbow Kitchen. I've never really liked suki since I preferred yakiniku (grilled) and I find suki to be kinda bland and "meh", but this suki from Rainbow Kitchen I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE. Never before Diana introduced me to Rainbow Kitchen have I ever craved for suki. Both the chicken soup base and tom yum soup base are really flavorful and delicious, my favorite is the tom yum one (I could eat just the tom yum soup with rice to be honest), but a lot of time I mixed it with a bit of the chicken soup base. I've tried the more popular suki places like Ita Suki and X.O. Suki, but their soup just not tasty enough for me and they're actually the firsts suki places I tried and the reason why I deemed suki is just not my thing.
  • Minimelts! Found it at Ita Suki in Living World when I was passing by. I used to buy this quite a lot when I was little and I remember it was quite cheap, but now it's like 20k -_-"
  • Leftover from Fish & Co. Re-deep-fried it and they're just as good as the previous day.
  • Went to Bene Ristorante again to have their Paella Pasta because I had been craving it since the first time I tried it. Anyway, Bene Ristorante has closed down now *cry in silent*, but at least I have a chance to eat there again before it closed down.
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich from Circle K for waiting my plane. It's actually not bad.
  • Bought this new felt tip pen and decided to play with it when I was bored in a practicum class :p
  • Delicious Kopyor Durian from ice juice Kedungsari. I didn't know they have a branch at Summarecon Mall Serpong! I always eat at ice juice Kedungsari everytime I went to Surabaya because my father loves it, plus they have a really delicious grilled chicken at that one.
  • The insane amount of queue when ibox Binus had a clearance sale. Macbook Pro sold at 4mill to 6mill wtf (around $400 to $600).
  • Love this lip balm from Crazy Rumors. Thank you Lolabox for introducing me to it! :)
  • Another satisfying lunch in my book.
  • Bought this floral skirt from Berrybenka (had been eyeing it for a while) and in love with how flowy it is. I'm definitely going to start building my wardrobe in the skirt area.


  • Morning selfie ;) I think I was checking to see if my make-up looked okay in natural light.
  • Went to Starbucks to do a programming project with Sam. Don't remember the drink, but the sandwich had a yummy cranberry sauce.
  • Sushi galore from Sushi Rakyat (They had promotion on Living Social). The sushi were decent, but the delivery was almost 2 hours late wtf. 
  • OOTD when I went to Piscator with Sam. I filmed a get ready with me video on it. Probably will be up next month.
  • Some of the rounds we had at Piscator. All the food were decent. I like the batter-fried stuffs and the bulgogi. Forgot to try their oden and pudding section though T_T.
  • Went back to Jogja to join my first election and to unwind :D
  • I HAVE to eat at Serayu Restaurant if I'm in Jogja, especially for this salted egg and butter bun. It's so melty, creamy, and just freaking delicious! The best salted egg bun I've ever tried. Although, they used to have a deep-fried version of this and now they only have the steamed one. Still the best salted egg bun, but I much prefer the deep-fried one since you get that extra crunchy exterior to accompany the soft bun.
  • Had my first spa experience at Laseca. Pretty good, felt relaxed afterward.
  • Super duper tiny pannacotta from Parsley. It was yummy though. The tuile was tasty too.
  • My mom had this free one night voucher from Quality Hotel, so we took a bit of a staycation. Threw myself a nice bubble bath, also used the bath bomb I got from Lush. I think it's fun, but other than color and aroma, I don't really feel any difference in the whole bubble bath experience.
  • Breakfast!! You know what I'm always excited about when I'm staying in a hotel? The breakfast! No matter how small the breakfast is, I'm always looking forward to it
  • Another plate of my breakfast :D
  • Tried this pudding from Jele at Amplaz. It was smooth, but too sweet for me.
  • Back to Tangerang. Had a batagor craving, so went to Es Teler 77. I actually had to google where I can find batagor in Alam Sutera area, and Es Teler 77 is the only place I can find. Do any of you know where I can find actual batagor place near here or Serpong?
  • This is what Sam had when we ate at Rainbow Kitchen. Chicken feet and rice. Weird combination.
  • Took selfie when Sam tried on those black sweater at Baleno. Didn't end up buying the sweater though, so we just went in, take a selfie, and left :p
  • Love this opaque berry red lipstick from Sariayu. Not sure if I can pull it off though.
  • Toasted baguette, scrambled egg, and bacon for breakfast. So simple and easy yet satisfying.
  • Got this new bumper case. So cute, no? Got it for a rather cheap price too. Only 75k, usualy they sell this bumper case for 120k and up.
  • Finally mended the broken eyeshadow from Lolabox. It's pretty good for first attempt at mending broken eyeshadow I think.
  • Also got this mint case from the same seller as the Aristocat bumper case one. Only 30k.

And that pretty much rounded up the last two months of my life. Looking at it though, more than half of these are food pictures -___-" what can I say? I love food.

Lily, xoxo

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ledre Café | Yogyakarta

There are tons of new cafe popping up in Jogja, so whenever I'm back in my hometown I never miss a chance to try something new.

This time, I went to Ledre Café

I didn't take any picture of the interior unfortunately, since interior seems to be the main selling point for the new cafes that has been popping up in Jogja.

I was planning to take the pictures after we're done eating, but it was already really late by the time we're done and we had to rush home because my brother and cousins had to go to school the next day. So keep this in mind, they take SO long in getting out the food. We had to wait for more than an hour for the first order to come and wait some more for the other orders, and the place wasn't even jam-packed at that time, there were still 3 or so empty tables out of 7 or 8 table groups available.

Anyway, moving on. To sums up the interior = Hipster-ish, suitable for a hang-out place with friends where you just wanna catch-up and talk all day err day or for studying together. Not quite suitable for family, and definitely not suitable for someone who just want to grab a quick bite considering the waiting time.

Now let's get into the long-awaited -literally-, food, shall we?

Spaghetti Holognaise @19k
I thought it was gonna be something like spaghetti bolognaise because of the name, but as you can see from the picture above, it looks and also tastes NOTHING like spaghetti bolognaise. Still, it was delicious nevertheless. My aunt really liked it and so do I. It's a unique tasting pasta, in a good way. It's creamy, a bit sour, and has a bit of spicy kick, worth a try.

Penne Ledrenara @19k
This one was okay, a bit too salty at some part, but overall not half bad.

Smoked Beef Margarita @22k

This pizza was nice, especially if you like cripsy/thin-crust pizza. The toppings were pretty generous too, considering the price.

Blackpepper Chicken @21k

I know it's not the prettiest pizza, but if you love black pepper to death like I do (seriously, the amount of blackpepper that I usually used is unreal), this pizza is right up your alley. It has a very strong blackpepper taste (maybe a bit too strong -even for me-).

White Mud Potato @12k

This potato dish is probably the biggest let down of the night. Not that it doesn't taste good, but the potatoes weren't fully cooked and I remember this dish was one of the last ones to arrive, so I'm surprised that they were still kinda hard to bite. Since it was already late, I didn't even bother to send it back to the kitchen haha. Honestly, I don't remember how's the taste of the white sauce because I was too focused on the raw potato part, so I'd have to give this dish another go next time, but I think it was so so.

Pancake Ice Cream Double Chocolate @14k

Tasty-looking pancake. The overall taste was good. I mean, you can't really go wrong with pancake and ice cream. For the pancake itself, it was so so, tasty, but not something I would crave.

Oreo Chocolate Soil @17k
THIS! This dessert is actually the reason why I went there. I've seen a lot of this "soil" dessert and have been wanting to give it a try myself, so when I knew that Ledre is serving this, I just went ahead and decided dinner's gonna be Ledre Café.

Anyway, if you're not familiar to "soil" dessert, it's basically a dessert that looks like a pot of plant by using cookie crumbs as the "soil" and (usually) mint as the "plant", then sometimes there are " worms" inside the soil.

In this soil dessert, they layered vanilla ice cream and oreo crumbs, also put chocolate jelly as the worms. Overall, I actually quite liked this dessert. I thought it would just taste "meh" like gimmicky stuffs usually do, but the oreo crumbs and vanilla ice cream make a really nice match (I mean, how could they not? It's oreo and freaking vanilla ice cream. Hello cookies 'n cream ice cream).

Borobudur Sunrise @11k

This, I recommend you to give it a try. I'm that type of person who always order unsweetened iced tea everywhere I eat out, just because I don't really like sweet or fizzy drinks and I love how refreshing unsweetened iced tea is. So most of the time I'll order either iced tea or plain water unless there's a drink that catch my eye, like this one (I think it's because I saw it on some blog and became intrigued by it). 

I'm glad I ordered this because it was so good. I love how it's not too sweet too. I can't really describe the taste, because honestly, I don't remember lol -it's a concoction of orange, strawberry, and lemon-, but I do remember that I enjoyed this drink thoroughly and I'd maybe order this again next time, which is saying a lot, since the only other drink I order more than once (beside iced tea and water, of course) is lemon mint splash from Dixie.

We also ordered other beverages (I remember iced tea, cafe latte and dark chocolate), but none of them were good or anything special, so I'm not going to bother to put them up (also, other than the cafe latte, I don't have the photos). That is all for my experience in Ledre Café. Overall, I actually enjoyed the food and will come back for the Borobudur Sunrise and Spaghetti Holognaise, but the waiting time was horrible. They actually gave us 50% off for 3 or 5 of the items as an apology, but still, If you're impatient or/and in a rush, this place is definitely not for you. 

Toodles, Lily